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Michael De Volder, Engineering Department - IfM

Cover articles:


Michael De Volder, Sameh H. Tawfick, Sei Jin Park, Davor Copic, Zhouzhou Zhao, Wei Lu, A. John Hart, Diverse 3D Microarchitectures Made by Capillary Forming of Carbon Nanotubes, Advanced Materials, 22 (39), pages 4384–4389, 2010. Read the article.

Michaël F. L. De Volder, Sameh Tawfick, Sei Jin Park, A. John Hart, Corrugated Carbon Nanotube Microstructures with Geometrically Tunable Compliance, ACS Nano, 5 (9), pp 7310–7317, 2011. Read the article.

Nanoconstructor, Science at First Hand, 5 (47), p. 104-105, 2012.

David Boothroyd, New Electronics, 12, p. 16-20, 2013. Read the article.



Inside Covers:

 Emma Marris, Nature, 456 (18), p. 854-859, 2008. Read the article


Michael De Volder, A. John Hart, Angewandte Chemie, Engineering Hierarchical Nanostructures by Elastocapillary Self-Assembly, 52 (9), p. 2412–2425, 2013. Read the article.